Alexandra English

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Watch me like I don't know your are there.

Anything you want. I want to try anything that will make you happy.

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Ruining men`s life

I`m hot, intelligent, with expensive tastes, and totally out of your league. But don`t worry, money is a great equalizer. You give me money and I`ll give you my time. ! I`m a real Mind Player! I`m the type of woman that loves to tease and get you so hard you`ll begging for more.. ◄*◄*◄*◄ ON UR KNEES, you weak FU*KTOY! WORSHIP ME!!! BEG!!SCREAM!!for the mercy you desire but do not deserve. Feel THE WRATH that is yours from MY hand: the WHIP ACROSS UR BACK&#59; the GAG IN UR MOUTH&#59; the DILDO UP UR WORTHLESS ASS

Just serve Me and you will find out yourself bitch!

***SUPREME GODDESS***HOT, AGGRESSIVE AND DEMANDING ***you will become my experiment and toy FOR MY AMUSEMENT...hehe! Obedient and worthy tongue-men may be privileged to polish shiny higheels while MY FEET are in them. *** CRAWL IN MY TOY.... Here You are! My romantic, lonely boy - I must tell, You just found the cure - let's talk and play together - so I can make You feel much better. A hot brunette that will fulfill your all fantasies!


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Alexandra English

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Girlfriend On The Couch

Girlfriend On The Couch